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R6 Siege Gets Free Weekend Now, Update Next Week

Now, and later

Two pieces of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege [official site] news have executed a choreographed breach of the RPS treehouse, lobbing flashbangs then crashing through the window and trapdoor to yell about a free trial weekend and the next big content update. And... now they've hustled Alec out of here, as if we've held him hostage all these years? Alec! Come back! Alec! Alec! Al- no, he's away. Point is: the door-busting counter-terrorism FPS is free to play in full from now for the weekend. Then, next week, it'll add two new characters and a new map in the 'Operation Red Crow' update.

Operation Red Crow will jet off to Japan, and you can hit this minisite to learn all about it. The new map is Skyscraper, smashing through a mansion atop a tower in the city of Nagoya. The Yakuza fellas who own it have a flair for dramatic architectural contrast. The two new operators are Japanese too, Hibana and Echo. She does 'splosions:

While he has a Roomba to clean up all the mess:

I would play that Viscera Cleanup Detail crossover.

Red Crow will launch on November 17th, bringing the map to everyone but the operators initially only to people who've bought the season pass. Everyone else will need to wait until the 24th to unlock and play as Hibana or Echo.

Before all that comes the latest Siege free weekend. From now until Sunday, you can play the full game for free through Steam and the Uplay client.

If you want it for keepsies, it's half-price this weekend, down to £14.99/19,99€/$24.99.

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