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Rainbow Six Siege Ela: what she can do and how to use her

Losing my mind

There's nothing quite like a sibling rivalry against attacker and defender to set the tone in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, and Ela's complex relationship with the attacking team's Zofia leads to some interesting in-game situations. This guide will go over that, as well as her loadouts and what her gadget does.

Ela operator guide

Ela's concussion mines have some unique properties when it comes to how they affect both Ela and Zofia, but they can disorientate the enemy enough to make them an easy target. She also has some decent guns which, with a bit of help with our Rainbow Six Siege guide hub, even newer players can take advantage of. Her skill also isn't especially complex, making her a good operative for newer players.

Ela's Stats

Armour: 1
Speed: 3

Ela's Weapon Loadouts

Currently Ela's weapons are a little more balanced than they have been in the past. The Scorpion Evo 3 A1 submachine gun has still relatively decent damage and fire rate, but it's not as good as it once was. The FO-12 semi-automatic shotgun is very quick to reload and devastating up close, but has an insanely bad recoil. Her sidearm is the RG15 handgun which has a reflex aim equipped by default and has relatively decent stats.

Ela's Gadgets

Ela's gadgets are the deployable shield and the barbed wire. The barbed wire is pretty good at disguising the mines a little, but the deployable shield can help set up ambushes should you need to. This turns Ela into a bit of a roamer. The downside is that the proximity mines do affect other players on your team and the explosion can cause the same disorientating effect if you're nearby.

Ela's Skill

Ela has access to the Grzmot Mine, which are concussion proximity devices that upon exploding cause a dizzying effect and severe white noise for a short time. These stick onto any surface and even survive if the object it is stuck on is shot without hitting the mine. Direct hits though will destroy the mine.

Should I pick Ela?

Her ability is a little more straightforward than most to understand, but it's the amount of use she can get out of it that is most impressive. Is the enemy setting up a device? She can throw a proximity mine to interrupt it. Ela can also stun certain foes with more defensive abilities such as extendable shield. She is better while roaming than defending the objective as a result. One final point is that being Zofia's sister, they both have some resistance to each other's concussion devices; the effects lasting only half the time compared to other operatives.

Perhaps you'd like to learn a little more about Zofia, or even one of the other operatives? Check out our main Rainbow Six: Siege operators guide, which has links to each individual operator, as well as an overview on the more universally useful ones and which ones beginners should consider learning.

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