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Rainbow Six Siege mobilises its final patch notes for Operation Grim Sky tomorrow

Electro-shield in pouring rain? That seems unsafe.

The Rainbow Six Siege competitive scene is bracing for a shakeup - Operation Grim Sky looks like it might force some rethinks in the twitchy tactical shooter. While the update doesn't land until tomorrow, September 4th, Ubisoft Montreal have released the complete and extensive patch notes for the operation.

Hereford Base is getting a major rework, new operators Maverick (Attacker with a pinpoint blowtorch) and Clash (Defender with an invincible shock-shield) join the fun and the Consulate map is being tweaked a little for competitive play.

While our tactical guides gremlin Dave Irwin has already broken down what makes Maverick and Clash tick, there's a surprising number of changes coming in this update. The Hereford Base map rework is significant, with a major thematic shift as well as expanding the scale and density of combat zones. While not quite as huge an overhaul, the Consulate map has been 'buffed' (to use Ubisoft's wording), adding a fourth bomb site, tweaking spawn zones to prevent early kills and giving it a minor face-lift.

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Because competitive tactical manshootery is serious business, Ubisoft are making 2-step verification mandatory for joining Ranked matches. It's a bit of a hassle, but hopefully it should prevent sneaky family members hijacking accounts and ruining your competitive rank. Maybe reduce hacking a little too - either way, there's one less excuse to fall back on when a bad streak puts your skill ranking through the wringer.

Unsurprisingly, the map rotation is changing with this update too. While most maps will be available in Casual (and all in Custom), Ranked will be limited to:

  • Bank
  • Clubhouse
  • Oregon
  • Kafe
  • Consulate (Buffed)
  • Chalet
  • Border
  • Coastline
  • Skyscraper
  • Theme Park
  • Villa
  • Hereford (Reworked)

Beyond that, there's the usual boatload of minor balance tweaks and a lot of minor and major fixes. Ubisoft also reckon that they've finally fixed the old weapon sight misalignment issue, so no matter how much you play around with the FOV slider, your bullets should land in the right place. Theoretically. They did a full blog post explaining the issue, and the fix has been live on the test server for some time now. Here's hoping it sticks.

Operation Grim Sky begins tomorrow in Rainbow Six Siege. Read the full patch notes here.

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