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Rainbow Six Siege's next operators deploy drones and medical nanomachines

Plus new co-op zombies

The next two characters coming to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege will bring the superpowers of surveillance and cyberdrugs, Ubisoft announced over the weekend. Lion and Finka, as they're named, will arrive as part of Operation Chimera, the first big update of the wall-busting tactical shooter's third year. Lion can scan the whole battlefield several times per round, while Finka can buff her whole team at once with a heal and a number of perks. Sounds like a party to me. Ubi also showed a little of Chimera's weird co-op zombie mode, Outbreak.

First, the two new attackers. Lion can scan the whole map three times per round, highlighting moving enemies. It's a team-wide wallhack of sorts. (The in-world explanation, Ubisoft say, is that he has an indestructible drone hovering above the map.) Sitting still or hanging near Mute's Jammers can hide you, though tagged enemies will show up as a red outline of their whole body. Finka's ability is also for the whole team. When activated, her 'Adrenal Surge' temporarily gives the team bonus health (which can even revive downed players) along with reduced recoil, faster movement through barbed wire, and partial resistance to concussion and flashbang bursts. It's done through nanites, Ubisoft say. The pumping adrenaline means people are hurt more by gas grenades and spotted by Pulse at greater distances, mind.

I do like that Siege's silly futuretech is accelerating as updates continue rolling. Early characters had superpowers like carrying a bag of armour vests, holding a shield, and putting a machinegun on a stick. Now we're pumping teamies full of nanites to flood their blood with adrenaline. Future predictions: Wolverine claws; mechs; cyberwarfare destroying your enemy's infrastructure and economy so they may as well give up; a raygun that turns people inside-out then uploads a photo to Instagram and tags their next of kin.

Speaking of silly futuretech, meet the Metal Gear Survive-lookin' rockzombies that players will face in the cooperative Outbreak mode:

The three-player mode isn't a permanent fixture, available only for a limited time following the launch of Operation Chimera on March 6th.

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