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Rainbow Six Siege could end up with 100+ operators

That's over several years

With Rainbow Six Siege’s [official site] newly-launched Blood Orchid update, the large list of operators has been expanded to over 30 battle-ready killers. A big number already, but according to Ubisoft that list could grow to over 100 playable classes over the course of what they hope is a long life for Siege.

“We are looking at developing the game with 100 Operators - I'll let you do the math and work out how many years that does,” brand director Alexandre Remy told PC Gamer. “There's no reason for us to stop there.”

Despite a solid critical reception in 2015, matchmaking issues and balance concerns caused some to worry that Siege wouldn’t have the longevity that one would hope from an online, multiplayer game. But lots of post-release support has kept the game ticking along healthily. That's one of the reasons we named it one of the 50 best FPS on PC, as it happens.

“The game has grown two to three times,” said Remy. “We hit 20 million unique players a couple of weeks ago, we have to every day 2.5 million players that are playing -- so it's in a very different place now.”

As for the future, esports remains a big part of Ubisoft’s plans. "When we refer to the game internally in terms of development, we say: hey, we're developing a competitive game. Obviously esports is part of that direction. Esports is demanding from a design and technology perspective, too. To cater to those players who are stress-testing the game to its limits, that presents a lot of dilemmas and demands for developers.”

Blood Orchid introduces three new operators and the Theme Park map, and it’s live now.

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