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Rainbow Six Siege Zofia: what she can do and how to use her

I've got a headache coming on.

Much like Capitão, Zofia brings some versatility to the attacking operators in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Her grenade launcher can either blow things up or badly disorientate foes. She is also one of the few operators whose backstory plays into matches, depending on who she is matched up against on the defensive team. This guide will go over that, as well as the weapons and gadgets that make her grenades even more potent.

Zofia operator guide

Zofia's ability can potentially pack an explosive punch, but there is more to this particular operative than meets the eye. She's another modular attacker, it can take a little while for newer players to use her. You can look at our Rainbow Six Siege guide hub for some more guidance on how to use all the operators more effectively when playing against other people.

Zofia's Stats

Armour: 2
Speed: 2

Zofia's Weapon Loadouts

The primary weapons available to Zofia are the LMG-E light machine gun and the M762 assault rifle. These are both very different and unique weapons, with the LMG-E being a good suppression weapon, while the M762 is more for precision. Her sole sidearm is the RG15, a customised 9mm handgun with a unique reflex sight pre-attached. It's not got great damage, but the recoil management is above par.

Zofia's Gadgets

With both breaching charges and claymores, there is a definite advantage for Zofia when it comes to breaching certain rooms. Therefore it's probably more advisable to go with the breaching charges unless you're incredibly paranoid of stalking defenders.

Zofia's Skill

Zofia's got the KS79 Lifeline -  a double barrelled grenade launcher that can switch between both concussion and impact grenades. Impact grenades work almost the same as Ash's and she has two in the chamber. Concussion grenades disorientate anyone caught in the blast, can bounce off of walls or detonate in close proximity to enemies, and she has four in the launcher. Using a breaching charge, quickly followed by the impact grenades is a viable and speedy breaching strategy.

On top of this, Zofia has the unique ability to revive herself one time when injured. She'll have only one hit point when she does this as opposed to the half-health others have, but it can be good in a pinch. This can't be used if caught in Frost's trap or interrogated by Caveira.

Should I pick Zofia?

She is slightly different to Ash in a sense and can get a lot more creative, but her guns let her down. Her interesting interaction with Ela with concussion devices means any that are used on each other last half their normal duration, so it's tricky to work out whether she should be pitted against her sister.

But what exactly does Ela do and why is it important that concussion affects both of them less? To find out, head on over to our main Rainbow Six: Siege operators guide which has links to each individual operator, as well as an overview on the more universally useful ones and which ones beginners should consider learning.

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