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Rainbow Six Siege's season two to bring 8 new operators

Another 8 new operators

We found out that Rainbow Six Siege was preparing to rappel and breach with another year of content earlier this month, but now the Year 2 season pass is for sale we can see just a little of what the game's second year will bring. It includes 8 new operators.

Operators are Siege's character classes, each with their own abilities. The game had 20 operators at launch with a further 8 being added in season one. We don't yet know what season two's 8 new operators will be, but to buy them now costs £20/$30 and also gets you gear customisations, 600 in-game credits to spend on other unlockables, and "VIP Perks" such as 7-day early access to each new operator and a 10% discount in the in-game shop. If you also bought the original season pass you'll get a second load of 600 credits.

If you've been following Siege this might all sound familiar, since it's pretty much exactly how season one's pass worked. On the face of it I don't much like a business model that asks you to buy new characters, but everything in the game can be earned through play (although it takes a lot of time to do so) and I like that new maps are always added for free.

The new operators will be added in pairs across four seasons, again as per before. It seems likely that you'll also get four new maps across the season, with one added to coincide with the addition of each pair of operators.

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