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Rather A Lot Of Stuff About The Elder Scrolls Online

You want to go out on a date with The Elder Scrolls Online? Not until you've been formerly introduced. Which you can be below as Bethesda people talk you through the online version of their long-running series. With an awful lot of footage.

Set 1000 years before Skyrim, it's... er... an online game where you can explore the place from the other games, but in the past. Actually, it does eventually move on from showing that you can run, to some of the combat, especially the attack/block mechanic they're using. They also talk about the lack of server shards, the MEGASHARD! Which sounds like a system that automagically reassigns you to the server most convenient for you and your chums to be on at any one time.

There are details about classes and skills below too, and the rather favourable news that quests are based around exploring. And, they seem to say, that quests will present you with permanent results - ie. If you clear out a story-based enemy, it won't reappear when you go back. If that works, that's good, innit? And stick with it for level 50+ information, the PvP which seems to borrow from Dark Age Of Camelot, and their version of raids.

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I'm not convinced by boasting that the game "really opens up" at level 50. Open up near the start, dammit! Unless that's hyperbole to make it sound like they're all over the end-game - and thus suggesting they're not making the same mistake as every other MMO and trying to tack it on later.

There's been some cynicism about this one - the sense that it's going to be too much of a solo MMO for a start. Has the above made you feel any different?

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