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Razer's compact BlackWidow V3 TKL mechanical keyboard is £55 at Currys right now

An excellent deal on a keyboard that normally retails for £80+

The Razer BlackWidow V3 TKL is a great compact mechanical keyboard from a major brand, so I'd normally expect to see it selling for £80 to £100 - so when I saw that it was discounted to £55 at Currys PC World, I was shocked to say the least. Thankfully, my spit take didn't destroy my own keyboard, so I can tell you exactly why I reckon this is a Deal Worth Knowing About.

So: the keyboard. It's a tenkeyless model, meaning the usual number pad on the right has been excised. Some people love the numpad; I personally don't use mine 99% of the time so I use tenkeyless keyboards like this one pretty much exclusively - and I've got a separate numpad for that 1% of the time I do need one. The benefit to these smaller keyboards is that they give you loads more desk space for mousing around, which feels much more comfortable in fast-paced games like shooters and even has ergonomic benefits as your shoulders, arms and hands are all in alignment instead of bowed out.

This particular tenkeyless keyboard is a great example of the form, with clicky mechanical switches that make typing feel super satisfying and good build quality thanks to its aluminium construction. There's also RGB lighting that can create rainbows across your desk - or be switched to a nice, solitary colour of your choice or even disabled if that's your preference. Razer's software is some of the most comprehensive in the business, so if you want to program macro keys, set up custom lighting schemes or sychronise your lighting across multiple peripherals (and games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warframe and Overwatch) then you can - not something that you typically get on cheap-o mechanical keyboards off Amazon.

Razer's keyboards normally command a price premium against those of smaller brands, so seeing one for £55 is a real coup. Looking at the price history, it looks like this model debuted at £100 and still costs that much at Razer's official store. It dropped to £80 six months after its debut, a price that's stuck for nearly half a year. That all changed a few days ago, when Currys dropped its price to £60 and Amazon followed suit. Of course, Currys PC World offers that extra £5 off with the FNDDGAMING code, making it the cheapest place to find this keyboard right now, but if you prefer Amazon then that works too.

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Either way, you're getting a good, well-reviewed keyboard from a major brand at half the price people were paying just six months ago - that's pretty outstanding! Just remember to use that FNDDGAMING code at the checkout to get the £54.99 price. As a "first mechanical keyboard", for my money it's a great introduction. No crazy features or weird layouts, just a solid mech at a very reasonable price.

I'd definitely consider it, whether you use your keyboard to type, program, game or all three, and if you're still not sure why not have a look at our best gaming keyboard article to learn more?

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