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Red Dead Redemption 2 comes to Steam next Thursday

Full Steam ahead!

While Red Dead Redemption 2's been out on PC for a month, Rockstar's cowboy epic has only been sold through their own store and Epic's clients, steering clear of Steam. It was always due to mosey on over, of course, but like a fine wine, it needed time to breath (and satisfy exclusivity arrangements). Today, Rockstar announced a release date for RDR2's Steam debut, opening the West to Valve's massive platform on Thursday, December 5th.

I'm not gonna tell you what RDR2 is. There's not much I can really say after a whole year of people gabbing non-stop about RDR2, anyway. It's a big, gorgeous cowboy sandbox with lots of gruff blokes being very manly on horseback. Here's our Matthew's gushing Red Dead Redemption 2 review, for more.

The PC version capable of supporting daft mods too. Did you want to skip the intro? Did you want to be a dog? Modding's got you covered.

If you were holding out for Steam for whatever reason, you'll probably have a better launch experience. RDR2 had a pretty rowdy launch crammed with launcher issues and hard crashes. They've since fixed a bunch of those, so it should be smoother riding from here on out. If it's still a bit rough, Katherine's got you sorted with this great performance guide.

When's the Itch launch, then? Anyone?

Disclosure: Listen y'all. My girlfriend and my flatmate and most folk I know up here worked on RDR2. I'm really close to this game. But everyone else at RPS has gone to bed, so you get me posting the news.

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