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Red Thai: Hitman’s Bangkok Episode Is Out Today

Bang glock

The fourth episode of Square Enix’s righteous murder simulator, Hitman [official site], is out today, dispatching Agent 47 to a luxury hotel in Bangkok where he must get killy with the lead singer of overrated indie band 'The Class' and the crooked lawyer representing him. The band are recording their second album, which is likely to be devastatingly bad. They must be stopped. Come see the briefing trailer below.

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The silliest thing about these missions, I find, is the need for Diana to make every target’s death completely justifiable. They are either plotting a coup, or have ruined the global economy or are the leader of a shadowy intelligence organisation, or are responsible in some way for the deaths of others. “This is a bad person, 47” she says in your ear. “You are definitely the goodie.”

This latest target, front man Jordan Cross, is marked for death because his girlfriend fell to her death from a high rise apartment and her family “firmly believe” it was him. The law found him not guilty, so they have decided to hire a bald man to kill the singer instead. OK. I know that the accusation is very likely true in the confines of the morally corrupt Hitman universe. But come on, can Diana just once dispatch you to an exotic location and say, “This man is actually lovely. But we’ve been paid a lot to strangle him.”

You can download the episode now, which also comes with the promise of new gear and weapons, not to mention the new environment of Himmapan hotel by the Chao Phraya river, where you are likely to be killing more of the game’s temporary elusive targets. The next episode will be set somewhere in the United States, we’re told, while the season finale is due to take place in Japan. Is six episodes enough for you?

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