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Redesigned From The Character Up: Bombshell

TIL there are no common girl's names ending with -uke.

Right. Bombshell [official site]. Originally announced as a sort of replacement project for a cancelled Duke Nukem game due to 3D Realms endless legal troubles, it looked ... well, a bit shit. Very 2009 from a graphical standpoint, low-budget 90s from a thematic one. It sort've disappeared after that with that initial trailer now deleted and a total re-reveal of the game taking place. Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison has grown her hair out a bit and found some armour with a midriff and trouser bottoms if not a proper chestplate. She and the game are looking a lot cooler and a lot closer to the Diablo-With-Guns-And-Ms.-Nukem that's presumably the aim.

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It still seems to be taking itself a mite too seriously, though props to the voice acting and writing for delivering the line "THIS ISN'T A GAME" without a note of irony or humour. It's got the caricatured villain and beautiful if ridiculous locales down, just put some knowing smiles on those faces and we're good to go. I mean come on, I'm not fighting this guy with a frown and serious thoughts about the nature of posthumanity and cyborgism.

The small FAQ on the official site states that the devs are still committed to providing good mod tools and that they plan to have the game out this year.

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