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Boo! Resident Evil 2 remake out now

Return to Raccoon City

Close to midnight, something evil was lurking in the dark: Resident Evil 2 launched. Under the moonlight, players saw a sight that almost stopped their hearts: Capcom's 1998 survival horror game remade with the sheen and glisten that 21 years of technological advancement have brought us. Whether that's something to scream about or not may depend on how much you want a game playing largely like a 1998 survival horror. Young Matt didn't quite click with some of 1998's conventions in his Resident Evil 2 review, though I'm not entirely sure he was even alive in 1998 and ooh the youth of today etc.

As a youth of today, Matt liked some of the spookings and violence though it took him a while to acclimatise to its slim guidance and longer to solve some of those daft puzzles. It's a valuable opinion; if you did play RE2 back then you already know what you think of it. Back in 1998, we played Resident Evil 2 in the snow uphill both ways and we liked it that way, but context changes over time.

For another perspective, our Matthew, who I'm fairly certain was alive in 1998 (though he does have one of those faces which make his age difficult to peg), shared his own thoughts in video format:

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Resident Evil 2 is out now on Steam for £45/€60/$60. It does have a demo but it'll be deactivated on January 31st, so hie thee to Steam sharpish if you fancy a go - and remember you'll need some technical trickery to reset the demo's timer (yes, it's on a timer too).

Goodness me, they've got a live-action trailer and all:

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