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Resident Evil 3 remake announced for April 2020

Have a look!

Continuing their streak of redoing their vintage survival horror series for modern systems, Capcom today announced a "completely reimagined" Resident Evil 3. That's the one from 1999, set during the fall of Raccoon City, where Jill Valentine is chased around by the clomping great mutated Nemesis. Whispers of a RE3 remake have been around for a while so today's announcement isn't a big surprise, but this part is: the game will include Resident Evil Resistance, the weird 4v1 multiplayer game announced earlier this year. Here, come see how fancy Jill's adventures look now in the RE3 announcement trailer.

I do like the colour and bustle of this, as opposed to the dead city of RE2. Like the RE2 remake, it's switching from ye olde fixed camera angles to a regular third-person view. Capcom say it has a slightly more action-y focus and includes "new content". The recent RE2 remake is a good'un, our official verdict says, so the same sort of deal for RE3 sounds grand. Here's a pair of Capcomeers to explain more and show a wee bit of the game in motion:

The new Nemesis looks like a chunky Judge Death when he's roaring, no?

Named simply Resident Evil 3 (dropping the original's subtitle, Nemesis), this is coming to PC via Steam on April 3rd, 2020.

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