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Resident Evil Village: How to get the Beneviento Treasure

How to get the Beneviento Treasure in Resident Evil Village

Once you've reached a certain point in Resident Evil Village, tonnes of treasure symbols will appear on the map. One of these is the Beneviento Treasure, which is arguably one of the most difficult to obtain. I'll explain how to get the Beneviento Treasure in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Beneviento Treasure: How to get the Beneviento Treasure

When you've escaped the clutches of the Beneviento Mansion, you'll notice that a treasure symbol will have appeared nearby. It's not immediately obvious how to access it, even if you've done plenty of exploration. Below, I'll take you through all the steps you need to take to get your hands on this sweet, sweet loot.

Where to find the Broken Slab

Outside the Beneviento Mansion, you'll notice that there's a large headstone which has a chunk missing. You'll need to find a Broken Slab to fit in there.

The slab's just in there.

Head over to the village graveyard, which is just north of the Maiden of War statue on the map. You'll notice that the little shack/mausoleum will have opened its gates. Head inside and you'll find the Broken Slab on the floor.

How to get Beneviento's Treasure

Before you move on, make sure you've stocked up on plenty of ammo, explosives, and the like. You've got a mini-boss fight coming up with a large, axe-wielding boy.

Now head back to the large headstone just outside the Beneviento Mansion.

Around this arena you'll find materials and herbs scattered around. Use them to craft on the fly if you need extra firepower or healing.

As you approach, the mini-boss will crash down and the fight will begin. Essentially, you'll want to hammer the boss with everything you've got while leading him in circles around the gravestone. If you're really struggling, you can lead him up the path towards the village and he'll eventually lose interest and wander back to the arena. Take this opportunity to leather him with some shots, lead him back up the path, rinse and repeat.

Do be careful of the mobs the mini-boss spawns in occasionally. Take the time to eliminate them as they'll overwhelm you fast. It's worth using the path as a funnel so they all bunch together and make them easier to down. Otherwise, a pipe bomb or two will do the trick.

Once you've taken the mini-boss down, loot him for the Giant Crystal Axe treasure which can be sold at the Shopkeeper for a whopping 30,000 Lei.

Finally, you can now place the Broken Slab at the large headstone to reveal another treasure - Berengario's Chalice. This can be sold at the Shopkeeper for 18,000 Lei.

Now that you've secured yourself a large paycheck, you're probably after even more. So why not have a look at how to get the Maestro's Collection, or where to use Luiza's Key?

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