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Resident Evil Village Luiza's Key: Where to use Luiza's Key

Here's where to find and use Luiza's Key

There's some valuable treasure in Resident Evil Village which can be sold to the Shopkeeper for a hefty sum of Lei. One of these requires Luiza's Key, but it can be difficult figuring out where to get it, and where to even use it. To help you out, I'll explain how to get Luiza's Key and where to use it in Resident Evil Village down below.

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Resident Evil Village Luiza's Key: Where to use Luiza's Key

If you return to Luiza's House once you've escaped Castle Dimitrescu, you'll find Luiza's Treasure awaiting you. But that's not all, as if you inspect it, you'll get Luiza's Key. The difficulty now lies in finding what this key opens, and what you'll get as a reward for doing so. Here's everything you need to know:

Where to find Luiza's Treasure and get Luiza's Key

To get Luiza's Treasure, you need to head back to Luiza's House after you've escaped Castle Dimitrescu and the Altar becomes your new hub.

Check your map to see where Luiza's House is located, then make your way through the field to get there. I'd take your time here, as there are plenty of enemies lurking about.

An image of Luiza's Treasure which I've just lifted out of its case.

Once you've dispatched all the enemies, proceed through the charred gate and look for a small lockbox on the steps leading up the main entrance. Crack it open and you'll get Luiza's Treasure.

An image of Luiza's Necklace in Resident Evil Village.

Next, make sure you inspect it! Rotate it around until you're able to remove the Necklace Stone. Now, inspect the necklace again, and remove Luiza's Key from where the Crystal was previously located.

Where to use Luiza's Key

To find Luiza's Treasure, head back to the Altar. Now from here, you want to follow the path up to the Ceremony Site, but once you've bashed the double doors with the Four Winged Symbol on them, turn left and into the tunnel entrance. Once you're inside, you'll see a Lockbox on a table.

An image of Luiza's lockbox in Resident Evil Village.

Use Luiza's Key on this lockbox and you'll get Cesare's Goblet. This can be sold at the Shopkeeper for 190,000 Lei.

That's all for this page, but have a glance at our Treasure Map solution and our Rare Animals pages if you're in need of some extra help.

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