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Resident Evil Village Treasure Map: How to solve the Treasure Map puzzle

How to solve the puzzle and bag the treasure

In Resident Evil Village's early hours, you may have discovered an Iron Insignia gate in Dimitrescu's dungeon. Well, once you've got hold of Iron Insignia Key, backtracking here will lead to some treasure. If you hadn't spotted this gate before, it's hinted at via a Treasure Map, which can be found in the same room as the F2 sniper rifle.

Below, I'll take you through how to solve the Treasure Map puzzle in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village: How to solve the Treasure Map puzzle

Let's start from the Castle's main lobby with the spiral staircase to your left. Ignore these stairs and head through the double doors straight ahead. Once you're inside, head through the door on your left and turn right at the end of the corridor. Open your map and you'll be in the Kitchen.

Head through the Kitchen, turn left and follow the path as it takes you down a steep flight of stairs. Be wary of enemies popping up here. Once you've reached the bottom, turn left, then right, then hug the left side until you spot a crumbled wall lit by candles. Step through here, turn right, continue straight on to the end of the corridor, turn left, then immediately right. You should be facing a gate with an Iron Insignia on it.

Unlock this door using the Iron Insignia Key and you'll enter the treasure room.

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First thing you'll want to do is take a sharp left and pick up the Pipe Bomb on the ledge. Next, lob it at the crumbled wall to the left of the treasure chest. This will break the wall and reveal a big torch. Make sure to head inside and sweep up the Crystal Fragment to its left and the Handgun Ammo to its right.

Next, get your pistol out and shoot the closest hanging torch towards the big torch. This should make it swing into the big one and set it alight. Finally, shoot the other hanging torch into the one you've just lit.

As soon as you've lit both of these hanging torches, the treasure chest will be available to loot. Crack it open for an Azure Eye. It's combinable with the Silver Ring. You can sell it for 12,000 Lei at the Shopkeeper.

If you haven't got the Silver Ring, it's found in a drawer next to the Mask of Pleasure.

That's it for this page, but be sure to give our Resident Evil Village: Where to find all weapons page a glance if you're struggling to track them all down!

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