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Resident Evil Village Rare Animals - Where to find all Rare Animals

Here's where to find every rare animal

Resident Evil Village is all about scraping your way through a horrific sequence of events. Of course, a decent set of weapons always helps, but sometimes all you need is a good meal. Scattered around the game, there are three special animals which can be slaughtered for valuable ingredients. These can then be handed to the Shopkeeper for some very strong benefits indeed. Below I'll take you through where to find all the Rare Animals in Resident Evil Village.

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Resident Evil Village Rare Animal locations: Where to find all Rare Animals

At a certain point in Resident Evil Village, the Shopkeeper can cook you stat-boosting meals if you find him the right ingredients. Some of these meals are particularly strong, but require the finest, rarest ingredients. Below I'll explain where you can find all of them.

Where to find the Juicy Game

From the Altar, you want to head through the red door and down towards the Maiden of War statue in the center of the village.

Position yourself opposite the entrance you'd use to get into Dimitrescu's Castle, and so you can see the gravestones to your left. Look up towards the largest tree and focus on its leftmost branches. There will be a blue bird perched on one of them, so whip out your pistol and shoot it.

Once it's dropped to the floor, head over to its corpse and collect the Juicy Game.

Where to find the Quality Meat

Head back towards Luiza's House, one of the first places you visited in the game. Go through the field, watching out for monsters, then head over to the small shack to the right of Luiza's House.

When you open the door, you'll see a large white pig through the window. Climb through the window, kill the pig, and pick up the Quality Meat it drops.

Where to find the Finest Fish

This ingredient isn't available until after you've defeated Moreau and obtained the Crank for the Mechanical Doors.

From the Altar where the Shopkeeper sits in the Village, head towards the Ceremony Site, but instead of proceeding into the site itself, take a right down a wooden path that leads towards the river.

At the end of the path, slot the Crank in the hole, then use it to lower the drawbridge. Hop into the boat on the other side, and head south to the end of the river. Disembark, turn left, and you'll reach a pool of water with some fish swimming about.

One of these fish has a golden hue - the finest fish. So take it out, collect your Finest Fish and rejoice. While you're here, you may as well take all the rest out too. Oh, and make sure to check out the nearby cave to collect a W870 TAC shotgun attachment.

As one final note, the Shopkeeper will store any ingredients you give him. This means you don't need to keep tonnes of meat and fish on your person. Simply hand him the stuff you've got and he'll store it away for future use. Plus, any ingredients stored will carry over for successive playthroughs, so you can always finish off any recipes you may have missed the first time around.

That's all for our Rare Animal locations page, but be sure to have a read of our weapon locations page if you're stuck hunting down all the finest gear in Resident Evil Village.

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