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Rick And Morty are heading to MultiVersus along with Space Jam's LeBron James

And someone’s already modded in Link from Smash Bros.

Rick And Morty’s Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith are joining the roster of Warner Bros. brawler MultiVersus, but not before Space Jam basketballer LeBron James. LeBron is up first, so you can expect to play as him when the open beta begins on July 26th. Rick and Morty will be added during the game’s first season. Watch the LeBron reveal trailer below.

Basketball and Space Jam superstar LeBron James is heading to licensed brawler MultiVersus.Watch on YouTube

Rick, Morty and LeBron bump the growing roster of licensed fighters for the Warner Bros. version of Smash Bros up to 19. They’ll have the opportunity to tackle characters such as Batman, Shaggy from Scooby Doo, the Iron Giant and Bugs Bunny. Space Jam: A New Legacy reunion battle confirmed then.

It’s not just official characters making their debut in MultiVersus. Someone has, of course, taken it upon themselves to mod in Link from Smash Bros. to the game. Modder Junior3DM shared an unfinished version of the mod, which you can see in action against characters such as Batman here. It’s a pretty convincing effort, so expect to see other Smash characters make their way across to MultiVersus.

Ed played the MultiVersus closed alpha back in May and had a grand old time, particularly enjoying its faithfulness to the characters. “Each character is a good laugh with silly moves that showcase their zaniness, he said, “like Adventure Time's Jake who can morph into a horse and trot into opponents with an almighty headbutt, or Shaggy who can pluck a sandwich from the earth and fling it at folks for measly damage but maximum disrespect.”

MultiVersus is free-to-play and can be downloaded from Steam. Its open beta begins tomorrow, July 26th, and the full game is due to launch this year. Check out Rachel’s MultiVersus character tier list for top tips on the best fighters to pick.

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