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Risk Of Rain 2 leaves early access, under The Captain's orders

Wet and wild.

Storm's finally here, folks. Over a year since it hit Steam Early Access, Risk Of Rain 2 is popping on its wellies to brave the rocky seas of a full release. Fortunately, The Captain's on deck as a new playable survivor, steering the frenetic third-person shooter through an ocean of new items, enemies and custom servers to reach its ultimate conclusion - a massive alien brawl on the moon.

Don't get me wrong - Risky Rain is still a game about blasting a flood of monsters, robots, ghosts and lizards into mulch. Now, however, you might just manage to end a run without your survivor beefing it.

The big addition with Risk Of Rain 2's launch is in giving the horde-shooting roguelike a proper ending. Prior to release, runs would escalate forever until a loose fireball tanked your health into zero - but now, you'll eventually hop to the moon to take on a final boss, catch a closing cutscene and roll credits on Hopoo's sequel. Assuming you survive that long, of course.

But something must begin before it can end. Risk Of Rain 2 now flaunts a short opening cinematic setting up an unexplained crash, a mysterious planet, and 1.0's new playable survivor - the Captain. The winner of a community poll, the Captain comes packing a shotgun-rifle hybrid under his big naval coat, boasting a stun-heavy playstyle and the ability to call down supply drops from orbit. Handy, in a pinch.

Of course, there are also tons of new items and equipment pieces to collect during a run, new beats on the game's soundtrack, a fully-featured server browser and a host of smaller gameplay changes and bug fixes that can be caught over on the game's 1.0 patch notes. Risk Of Rain 2 is available on Steam for £11.99/€14.39/$15.99.

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