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Risk Of Rain 2 lands with a new survivor, stage and price-tag next month

Pack a brolly.

Now here's a forecast you can rely on. Risk Of Rain 2 is finally leaving early access next month, and besides an increased chance of precipitation, the alien-blasting romp is adding a whole heap of new features on launch. Expect a new survivor, a new stage, a flashy new server browser and, unfortunately, a little bit of a price hike when it arrives on August 11th. Soz about that last one.

It's coming a little later than planned, mind, with Risky O'Rain's launch pushed back a month earlier this year. Back then, the devs reckoned they needed to rethink what launch meant for the game, and gave themselves a little more time to figure things out.

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So what does Risk Of Rain 2's 1.0 launch look like, then? An ending, for one. We're heading to the moon to kick the game's final boss in the arse, bringing closure to the game's until-now endlessly escalating rotation with an honest-to-god cutscene. There'll also be a new survivor on deck to run through this gauntlet. Hopoo held a poll to decide who the new survivor would be - and with the community voting overwhelming for someone new (ie not carried over from the first Risk Of Rain), they're arriving in the form of The Captain.

Armed with a shotgun/rifle hybrid, The Captain is all about stunning baddies by landing charged shots. More exciting, however, is that he can ring up his ship in orbit to call down probes and beacons, slamming down from the sky to provide armour and healing auras. The update also adds more "stuff", generally - more items, more skill variants, more challenges, and a server browser that'll let you pick your favourite flavour of rainy roguelite.

All that extra stuff comes at a higher price, mind. Just a few quid more, upping the price from $20 (currently £15) to $25 (unconfirmed, but I'd reckon it'll be bumped up to £20 or thereabouts). It'll stay at that lower price until it leaves early access on Steam this August 11th - plenty of time to get a proper great roguelite before it's bumped up in price, even if Matt doesn't quite agree it's all that hot.

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