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Robocraft blasts out of early access this month

Build your own warmachine

The build-your-own-warcmhine battling of Robocraft [official site] is almost ready to launch in full, after three years in early access. It'll hit version 1.0 and launch on August 24th, developers Freejam Games have announced. If you're the cautious sort who'd rather not play even a free-to-play game until it's done, hey, it's almost here.

Observe, a video from a couple months back:

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Our last proper look at Robocraft was shortly after the Steam Early Access launch in 2014, when Chris Livingston said words including:

"Variety comes from the players, however, who take great handfuls of the limited cubes and build them into goofy, wonky, adorable, impressive, or fearsome battletanks. The second best part of multiplayer comes when you're plunked into a match and have a few moments to look around at your teammates' tanks and see what they’ve built. The first best part comes a moment later when everyone rolls out, or rolls up the side of a mountain and flips over, or takes off, crashes into a mountain and flips over, or rams into you and flips over and flips you over. Often the battlefield becomes littered with overturned tanks and the skies dotted with inverted aircraft. It feels like a war directed by toddlers."

Three years of additions and changes have gone into the game since then, mind.

Freejam haven't detailed the full contents of the launch update that will finally make Robocraft a finished game, but they do confirm it'll bring new cosmetic mask effects, bug fixes, and the return of pilot seats. Pre-launch players will receive free crates and pilot seats too, getting more depending on how early they started.

Disclosure: Robocraft developers Freejam sponsored the RPS booze-up at Rezzed last year but I wasn't there so I didn't drink any of their free drinks. If anything, I resent them for not pouring a pint into an envelope and posting it to me.

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