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Rock, Paper, Houseshare: The RPS Sims

I actually turned the RPS-chaps into Sims 3 characters when I had the preview code, but I've been a little behind in getting the full code so I could upload them up to the main servers. You can download all four of us from here. You can totally force us to make out. It's awesome. Some more details on exactly what you're downloading beneath the cut. Also repetitive use of the "And In The Game" gag.

Here's our heroes:
We all look so worried and displeased because we're actually outside.

What are they like? Well, I tried to get the best resemblance with the minimum of effort I could. The limited amount of hair in the standard version does somewhat limit what RPS characters look like. Jim comes off worst, looking more like lovely develop-writer Jon Jordan than himself, due to a lack of his particularly scruffy beard and hair. John and myself are worryingly like our real selves, except I've got too much hair and John's a little too far. And here's our traits, so you can argue about them.

is a lucky workaholic grumpy light-sleeper with a green thumb. He likes Electronica, eating Stu Surprise and the colour green. And in the game!

John is hot-headed, excitable, Over-emotional and friendly. And has good sense of humour. He loves indie rock, Stu Surprise and the colour blue. And in the game!

Alec is a Neurotic, Grumpy, Kleptomaniac Vegetarian who's also a Computer Whiz. He loves indie-rock, likes to eat Stu Surprise and likes the colour blue. And in the game!

Kieron is a absent-minded, clumsy, insane, easily-impressed slob. He likes indie-rock, Dim sum and the colour black. And in the game!

So, if you ever invite us around to a house, make Stu Surprise to be a bit hit. Ignore me, as I'm mental.

The traits were picked by the RPS-members in question - showing a worrying amount of humility that no-one chose the Genius trait. John thought he should have Childish, but I talked him out of it, as I think that was a little over-critical on himself, and talked him into having the good sense of humour trait. Because, he is The Funny One. Oh - and I didn't choose my own traits, letting Alec do it instead. I suspect I'd have selected almost all the same ones, except for insane and easily-impressed. Though I can see the argument. I tried to talk him into having mean-spirited, but he sagely noted that wasn't something he'd say to someone who is going to come and fix someone else's computer. And from that evidence you can prove whatever side of the argument you choose.

Oh - while Alec, John and Jim all have their bios, I forgot to include mine. I use something like "Kieron Gillen is one quarter of RPS. He's the one who may be behind you right now, with a mind full of evil thoughts and a handful of razors". Feel free and cut and paste into your game if you make your own copy.

I'm starting to play a game with them. I'm not exactly sure what we're going to do with. Perhaps some kind of succession game between the RPS chaps, with each inflicting horrors on each other's Sims. Either way, if you've any Sims content you thing should be included in our little town, do link in the comment thread, and I'll throw it into the town. As fantastical as you wish. Because it's a game which, despite the And In The Game-isms, bears no relation to reality.

Look - evidence: Here's us all in the gym.
Though if we did go to the gym, people would gather to mock us.
That never happens.

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