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Rocket League getting flashy Hot Wheels cars in DLC

For rad dudes and satans

Following the recent announcement that the sports cars of Rocket League [official site] are becoming toy cars, now developers Psyonix say they're turning toy cars into Rocket League cars. Two Hot Weels cars are coming to Rocket League as paid DLC on February 21st, two souped-up sillycars which yeah, do look right at home there.

For the benefit of Hotheads (as I imagine Hot Wheels fans call themselves), I'll specify that the two cars are the Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker. For everyone else, I'll say the Twin Mill is the sort of sports car one might see driven by a radtastic hero in a '90s cartoon (one of the SWAT Kats, maybe) and the Bone Shaker is a rat rod I could see driven by a psychobilly bassist or a satan. They're nice cars!

The Hot Wheel cars will be sold separately at the usual Rocket League price of £1.59/1,99€/$1.99, each coming with exclusive decals and wheels too. Folks who don't buy either might still get Hot Wheels bits, as the cosmetic item drop bill will expand with a Hot Wheels antenna and topper, a Treasure Hunt flag, and a Shark Bite topper.

Curiously, this toy car arrangement is separate to t'other. It's Original Mini's who are making the Rocket League pull-back toy cars, not the Hotlords at Mattel.

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