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Roguelike Resurrection: ADOM Seeks Funding

ADOM is one of my favourite games, mostly because when people talk about how brilliant it is I sometimes think they're talking about me. Then they say something like, "ADOM's insistence on killing me with savage beasts is quite distressing", and I've never killed anyone so it's at that point I realise they're talking about another more more murderous Adam, or Ancient Domains of Mystery. The latter is a glorious roguelike that I've been playing since I was fifteen. Development ceased in 2002, as creator Thomas Biskup presumably couldn't devote his entire life to the game but, if he can Indiegoget enough money, he'll return to development with a small team to help improve the game. Obligatory video below.

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In this, the era of crowdfunding, we've seen a bunch of developers from times gone by either returning the genres they love or to the industry altogether, but this is something I didn't expect. ADOM felt like a lost thing. I'm also pretty sure there's a postcard from teenage me somewhere in Biskup's house, although it's entirely possible I forgot to post it way back when.

Thomas, if you read this, look for one from Adam in Manchester!

ADOM's brilliance is partly due to its sense of progression, with quests and some structure beyond plumbing the depths. There's an overworld to sit on top of its dungeons, intricate character development and a corruption mechanic that can make you sprout a tail.

He's looking to raise $48,000 and has 59 days left to gather it. I think there's a very good chance this one will make it and that'd make me very happy indeed.

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