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Roman Nose: Age of Decadence Demo

We're going to be playing catch-up with what happened in the PC world when we were away for a while. One of the bigger indie thrills was Iron Tower releasing their long awaited combat demo. Then they had a tweak and released another one with some bugs removed. While I'm excited about this as ever, I haven't actually had a chance to the demo yet, so I'll direct you at Vince for his Combat Survival Guide to ease you in. And an internet video of it in - er - action.

Well, no, there's not. The guy removed it because he didn't like it to "force" me to change it. Of course, I'm just going to keep it here, in a monument to the diplomacy-skill fail-check of an Age of Decadence fan.

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See, all it's done is make the post of a game you like look even more slapdash and highlight that parts of the fanbase have a tendency towards foot-stompiness. And show that RPS can be just as petty as the readers sometimes. Man! This does remind me of the famous bloodbath thread when John first linked to Age of Decadence. Ah, those were the days.

Anyway, a lovely person has actually done a new video, in HD, with sound, which - as a general hint for developers - is absolutely the sort of asset which should be released into the wild when you're releasing a new demo.

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