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Runeterra's 1.1 patch blasts many more bugs

Bugs b gone

Like a baby hermit crab scuttling towards its first big new shell, Legends Of Runeterra left early access two weeks ago. At 5:30pm today (9:30am Pacific), Riot's card 'em up will climb into an even better one with patch 1.1. The new patch won't change much, apart from splatting a whole bunch of bugs still crawling over the new cards. Or around the old new shell, if you are committed to this metaphor. Do hermit crabs have to deal with bugs? I don't know. Let's move on.

Riot already blasted some of the biggest bugs last week, but yep, there were plenty left. It (hopefully) won't crash on startup anymore, buffs on copied units are being displayed properly, and various cards are generally doing what they're supposed to now. I've been playing a fair bit and hadn't noticed any problems, but it sounds like I ran into some without realising.

Riot have also twiddled with Expeditions. This is the drafting mode where you build a deck through a series of multiple choices, and so the balancing works a bit differently to constructed play. They've removed some cards that were under-performing and added in others. It's all pretty minor, but Riot say Expeditions will get a bigger balancing pass once they've got more data from the new cards. Riot say they'll make bigger balance changes to constructed play too, once there's been "time for the meta to shake out".

It's worth noting that at the moment, you're twice as likely to see Expedition choices from the new cards when you're picking Champions. If you want to try them out, you should get some Expeditions in before that bonus chance is removed in patch 1.2. That means you've got two weeks, kids. Crabs. Crab kids.

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As I said in my Runeterra review, nowadays I play more because I want to be charmed than because I want to agonise over interesting decisions. That is good and fine.

The full patch notes are here, and you can play the game for free by clicking the button in the top right. If you're after some advice to get you started, here's guidesman Dave's Runeterra tips and tricks for beginners.

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