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Riot continues Arcane celebrations in League Of Legends this week

With new content, skins and modes

The League Of Legends spin-off animated series Arcane started on Neflix this weekend, giving fans a glimpse at Jinx and Vi's rather dark beginnings. Over the last week or so, the developers have been celebrating the arrival of the show in other games too, with Jinx-themed Valorant skins and even a crossover with Fortnite. The festivities are carrying on this week in League Of Legends and Legends Of Runeterra as well, with new "interactive experiences", game modes and more.

In a blog post, Riot say League Of Legends players can explore the Council Archives, an "interactive experience where you can study more of Arcane's story". On top of that, if you win a game (or just play three matches) you'll unlock the Arcane Jayce skin, letting you run around as the hammer lad looking like a baby magical scientist.

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Then in Legends Of Runeterra (the LoL spin-off CCG), you'll be able to play a new PvE mode named The Path Of Champions. It lets you go on adventures through Piltover and Zaun (Arcane's settings) as well as other regions of Runeterra. They've added Jayce as a new champion too, along with some Hextech guardians and new skins. Check out the website for all the details on this crossover stuff.

It's quite nice that they've gone all out with these celebrations, Arcane certainly deserves them. I've found the series fantastic so far, and I have next to no experience with the world either (I played a single game of League once that made me sad and angry and haven't touched it since). The animation is gorgeous and the writers have made it really accessible to a new audience.

I'm curious, if you play League (or one of the many games set in its world), how're you finding Arcane? Does it live up to expectations? I'm sure there's loads of characters and references to catch already. I almost wish I had a little knowledge prior to watching to get a few of those, or just to prepare myself for how dark it all was.

That said, I'm looking forward to the next set of episodes. Netflix are releasing them in acts of three, with the first set available now, and the next to arrive this weekend, on Saturday the 13th of November.

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