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Sad millennial simulator Night In The Woods gets new (and old) content

Die Anywhere Else

Depressed animal economic collapse adventure Night In The Woods exists in a strange place in my consciousness. While I absolutely love so much about it, from the characters to the art to the music and beyond, it's not particularly my sort of game - I'm more of a hands-on, solve problems kinda guy.

I've also seen almost everything the game has to offer, thanks to friends streaming it several times over, and now I might have to tune in again to see what's fresh, thanks to the game getting it's very own director's cut version, extended and expanded to coincide with its console launch. Welcome to Weird Autumn.

The biggest addition to the Weird Autumn edition of Night of The Woods is the full integration of Lost Constellation and Longest Night, two shorter promotional games that were released for free over the course of NITW's long development cycle, each offering a unique, if brief spin on the setting. Now, they're part of the story, if you don't mind having despondent troublemaker Mae take a break from her crime-spree to sit down for a town history lesson every now and then.

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On the subject of crimes, there's more of them to do. A lot of Night In The Woods' interactivity came from hanging out with your estranged friends, getting into trouble and embarking on petty acts of rebellion and vandalism because there's nothing better to do in the gods-forsaken town of Possum Springs. So yes, this probably means more opportunities to raise hell with Gregg, and should lend it all a little more replay value if you want to see all the scenes.

There's also a few more additions. Players on the Steam forums are already reporting a few extra dialogue options here and there, plus Mae's room now comes equipped with her old bass, so she can reminisce musically when chilling out at home. Yes, it's the feature so many have been clamouring for: You can replay all the musical minigames, just in case you wanted to hear Die Anywhere Else again, if you've not had your fill of fan-made vocal covers, that is.

The Weird Autumn update is live and free now for all versions of the game, including Steam, GOG and Humble.

Night in the Woods is one of RPS's favourite games of the year, earning a spot on the advent calendar.

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