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Samsung's T5 SSD is already cheaper than it was over Black Friday

But it does involve a cashback offer

Oh lawd, I thought the deals were finally over, but those sneaky folks at Samsung have just gone and started another better-than-Black-Friday deal on their external Samsung T5 SSD. From now until December 25th in the UK, you can claim £90 cashback on the 2TB model of the T5, taking its usual price of £270 down to just £180 - which is a heck of a lot more tempting than its Black Friday deal price of £245. There's also £40 cashback to be had on the 1TB model as well, taking this normally £145 SSD down to another Black-Friday-beating price of £105.

Alas, Samsung's 'Blue Cashback' offer doesn't apply to any other SSDs, but the external T5 is by far the best and fastest external SSD I've ever tested, and has been sitting atop my solid-state rankings for absolutely yonks. It's a great choice for those who regularly move between different PCs or laptops, and the 2TB model in particular has absolutely buckets of space for all your favourite games, too.

Admittedly, the cashback process is all a bit long-winded. First, you have to buy your Samsung T5 from a qualifying retailer. You can see Samsung's terms and conditions for a full list, but it effectively boils down to the usual suspects of Amazon, Currys, Argos, John Lewis, Littlewoods and Very for the T5, as most of the other retailers are only relevant for those buying the Samsung phones / tablets / wearables that are part of the offer as well.

However, in order to make the most of your cashback offer, Amazon is still your best bet in most cases, as Currys' cheapest price for the 1TB / 2TB T5 are currently £180 and £400 respectively. Argos only do the 1TB T5 for £170, as does Littlewoods for an even more expensive £215. Very, on the other hand, come in at £165 for the 1TB rose gold model, but charge a ludicrous £400 for the black 1TB model.

The only other retailer worth considering is John Lewis, who currently have the black 1TB T5 for just £120. Unfortunately, it's currently out of stock online, so you can't currently order one at that price, and there's no telling whether it will go back up in price (post Cyber Monday / week deals etc) once it is back in stock.

For the 2TB model, on the other hand, it's pretty much only Amazon that sells it at a decent price, as no one in their right mind should be paying £400 for it over at Currys. You can also buy direct from Samsung, of course, but their prices are also more expensive than what's currently available on Amazon.

Still, provided you a) want one and b) don't object to buying it from Amazon, you'll then need to claim your cashback by visiting Samsung's Blue Cashback page within 30 days of purchase. You'll then get an email to confirm Samsung have received your claim, and another when they've validated it. Finally, the cashback should appear in your preferred bank account within another 30 days.

It's a long-winded process, and probably a bit too much effort for someone with as much deals fatigue as I have right now, but £180 for a 2TB T5 and £105 for a 1TB T5 are still pretty good prices if you've got the patience for it. As I mentioned up the top, both of those prices are much cheaper than what either drive cost over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so there's an extra layer of smugness to enjoy as well if you managed to refrain from last week's deals fest.

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