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Samsung's 1TB T5 SSD is down to £90, a historic low price

Up to 540MB/s, via USB-C or full-size USB.

Samsung's T5 SSD is one of the best portable drives on the market, offering up to 2TB of fast storage for a reasonable price. Today that price is more reasonable than usual, as Amazon UK have discounted the drive to £90 for a 1TB capacity - a new historic low price.

Update: the Samsung T5 1TB also checks out at £84.99 at Argos, despite being listed at £119.99 at the product page. Original article continues below.

To give the proper context, the same drive has cost £107 since March, and between £138 and £176 in the first few days of 2021 - so £90 is a great result. In actual fact, current RPS leader Katharine reviewed the T5 back in 2018, when the largest 1TB size cost a whopping £330 - and the T5 still came away with a recommendation based on the drive's properly rapid speeds and compact dimensions, barely bigger than a book of a matches. That was enough to rank it among the best gaming SSDs.

Even from a 2021 perspective, the Samsung T5 is still a great performer, with surprisingly strong random read and write speeds - the most critical factor that impact game load times. You can get faster NVMe-based portable SSDs, like the Samsung T7 or Crucial X8, but these aren't noticeably faster when it comes to load times - and these drives tend to cost a lot more.

That makes the T5 a good choice for cheaply and portably extending your game storage, with compatibility for PCs of all types as well as current-gen consoles like the Xbox Series X and PS5. Just keep in mind that the T5 can store current-gen games or play last-gen ones, but neither console allows USB drives to be used for playing current-gen games - just one of those things, I'm afraid.

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So - great drive, historic low price, what more could you want?

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