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Samsung's Odyssey G7 1440p 240Hz monitor is down to £429

A great value for a high-end display with impressive contrast, motion clarity and features.

240Hz monitors offer a noticeable increase in motion clarity for fast-paced gaming, and today is a great day to pick one up at a discounted price. We've got two models to show you this time, one 1440p 240Hz model at the higher end and one 1080p 240Hz model that costs less.

Our first pick is Samsung's Odyssey G7, a 2560x1440 240Hz monitor which has dropped to £429 today from its RRP of £550. I've been using the 32-inch size of the same monitor for a year now, and its contrast, motion clarity and overall immersion continues to impress.

It gets bright enough to deliver impactful HDR, with a DisplayHDR 600 rating, and the picture quality is generally strong all-around. The curved VA panel isn't for everyone, but you get used to it very quickly and it becomes hard to go back to a flat panel monitor!

I'd recommend this one if you have a mid-range PC or better, as you won't be able to deliver 240 frames a second outside of esports titles at this resolution without a strong CPU and GPU combo. I'm using an RTX 3080 and a Ryzen 3700X, for example, but any third-gen Ryzen or 10th-gen Intel CPU or later should be fine when paired with a modern mid-range GPU.

the acer predator xb253qgx, a poorly-named 1080p 240Hz monitor with a metal stand.

If you're more focused on competition than on eye candy, then a 1080p 240Hz option is probably the better choice. The Acer XB253QGX offers just this, with an IPS panel that offers superior motion clarity and wider viewing angles. This one has dropped in price to £250, a good £100 cheaper than its UK RRP and a competitive price for a monitor of these specs.

The Acer monitor doesn't deliver as impactful HDR, with only a DisplayHDR 400 rating, and is smaller at 24.5 inches as well. However, it is significantly cheaper than the Samsung alternative, so these spec choices make perfect sense!

Whichever 240Hz monitor you choose, you should become ever-closer to blowing past your rivals in F1 22 or blowing up your enemies in Counter-Strike. Let me know what you think of this double deal in the comments below, and stay tuned for a mechanical keyboard deal coming up soon!

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