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Satellite Reign Sneaks Past Kickstarter Goal

After much gnashing of teeth and tearing of our sackcloth, the Kickstarter we all wanted but no one was funding has made it. Satellite Reign has reached its £350,000 funding. In fact, with three days still to go, it's over the target by another £20k already. So there is to be a new cyberpunk game from the creator of Syndicate Wars. How was that ever a close thing? They celebrate with fireworks.

See, fireworks:

Of course, while we lamented the lack of funds pouring in, it was for a good reason. 5 Live Studios horrendously screwed up their reward tiers, and frankly they're lucky to be funded at all. Starting game-purchasing pledges at £13, and then limiting it to only 1,000 people, was ridiculous. Making the regular price of the game £16/$25 just ensured that they were going to struggle. Firstly, it's infuriating to someone just learning of the Kickstarter for the first time to discover that they have to pay more because... because of what? So that puts people off. Secondly, $25 as an entry price is really pushing its luck for a game that's still ideas on paper. The daft thing is, if they'd put the entry tier at $15 and made it 5 or 10,000, and then the regular price at $20, they'd have been funded long ago, and right now be counting off the stretch goals. Hopefully others will learn from this - lower prices means bigger sales, more money, more profit, and that's never more true than with Kickstarter of strong potential.

Any how, they made it to their goal, so that's splendid news. Here's a look at the engine as it is:

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