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Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Building towns and bullying a snail

Admire these interesting and attractive indie games

A cute pixel town in a Metropolis 1998 screenshot.
Image credit: Yesbox Studios

Every weekend, indie devs show off current work on Twitter's #screenshotsaturday tag. And every Monday, I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. This week's selection is a bit small because Twitter is throwing another technical wobbly and refusing to show the full weekend's posts, but the games are still good! Come enjoy town-building, a little snail, and a great deal of violence in this week's selection.

I'm quite curious about the scale and focus of city build-o-management sim Metropolis 1998 (coming to Steam), zoomed in enough to see individual rooms and pieces of furniture. Apparently citizens will follow individual needs to work, sleep, relax, eat, and so on, so I look forward to picking a favourite computer person to spy on.

More building comes from the Townscaper-lookin' Monterona (coming to Steam), which also has your grandma tell you stories about the places you're building, and apparently lets you explore my town in first-person, which I'm well up for:

A cooperative survival game where 2-4 players must survive a demonic encounter by either escaping a mansion or evading the creature until dawn sounds kinda neat, but to have that happen when you came in as thieves on a heist? I really dig your premise, Dark Hours (coming to Steam):

Dashing through violence in "roguelite action platformer" Stand-Alone (coming to Steam):

I'm not sure why dungeon crawler Liberta: Rise Of Freedom (coming to Steam) focuses on a boring skeleton-stabbing animation in half this clip when the other half includes some of the most brutal person-set-on-fire special effects I've seen in a while:

A cute look to deck-building roguelikelike tactical RPG Shuffle Tactics (coming to Steam):

Dramatic violence in hack 'n' slash The Segment Twins (coming to Steam this week, a demo there now):

A fast enemy with powerful melee attacks can be terrifying in a first-person shooter, as Ghostware: Arena Of The Dead (in early access on Steam) demonstrates:

A sassy friend-shaped robot (inspired by a Looney Tunes cartoon) for immersive sim Spectra:

A reluctance to drive forwards in Victory Heat Rally (coming to Steam):

And let's close with this poor little snail in Peter Shorts:

What else caught your eye this weekend, reader dear?

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