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Sea Of Thieves: Multiplayer Pirate Action From Rare


With Kinect now a thing of the past, Rare are free to make actual games again. They're exercising this freedom by creating an online multiplayer pirate game called Sea Of Thieves [official site]. After the excellent Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag reminded me how much I love pirating, the idea of getting a full crew together and exploring the oceans is an appealing one. Especially since Sea Of Thieves has no qualms about being historically inaccurate. Which means krakens and ghost pirates.

The trailer bodes well. It includes everything you'd expect from a cartoon pirate game, like buried treasure and ship-to-ship combat. The prospect of battening down the hatches with a group of friends before hunting down a chest of gold and celebrating with a well-earned grog on a sun-drenched beach is definitely something I can get behind. Even if I can't say all that without running out of breath.

Sea of Thieves will be exclusive to Windows 10 on PC. It’s unclear whether PC players will be able to play with their Xbox One friends, but it’s not a definite no either. I'm hopeful that we’ll get to experience some cross-server swashbuckling when it launches in "holiday 2016".

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