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Sea Of Thieves donating special sail proceeds to cancer research

Plunder for a cause

Sea Of Thieves is no stranger to handing out snazzy new ship cosmetics in return for real-world cash but these sails are of a slightly different sort. Rare are donating all proceeds from the Sails Of Union to the Stand Up To Cancer campaign benefitting cancer research. You can nab the new sails until November 6th.

Not often in my seafaring adventures do I find myself teamed up with like-minded pirates but for a good cause I'd say flying matching colors is well worth it. Purchases made in the US will to go the Stand Up To Cancer campaign, a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation. Purchases from outside the US will go to Cancer Research UK in support of the UK Stand Up To Cancer campaign.

The Sails Of Union cost £5/$6 as a special downloadable add-on for the game. You'll not find them in the in-game Black Emporium with other paid cosmetic items, mind. Rare say that 100% of the purchase price will go to Stand Up To Cancer when you buy through the Microsoft Store and 75% of the price when paying through Steam. They will be available until November 6th.

If the charity angle weren't enough, they're pretty nice-looking sails anyhow. And hey, they glow at night. Neat!

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