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Sea Of Thieves has a great bug that flings ships into the air, so I rated their techniques

Just a couple of ships doing flips

Sea Of Thieves has a very good bug that can make ships spontaneously yeet themselves into the sky. Sometimes it occurs at outposts, presumably when another player's boat is trying to spawn exactly where yours is docked. Other times it happens when you ram your ship into something and get it a bit stuck. The game is usually pretty good with course correction when these things happen, gently pushing you ship back out to a space it can actually exist in. Occasionally, however, players and their ships get not-so-gently thrown into the air at high speeds.

There's some truly impressive physics-defying right here, so let's rate some of the best ship flips out of 10, shall we?

Now, the best flying ship clips have a good amount of boat airtime, at least a couple of flips, and a good amount of distance from the ship's original position. Bonus points if a pirate is onboard and gets launched with it.

We'll start off with a little mishap that my very own crew and I experienced firsthand. We were fighting a skeleton ship at the time, and got distracted by combat and bailing water out of the hull. We didn't notice the rocks until it was too late.

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Reader, I cannot describe to you the roars of laughter that erupted from myself and my crewmate. Our third was onboard the skelly ship we were fighting, completely unaware of the flight school we'd enlisted into.

In a completely unbiased scoring, I reckon this flip is 10 out of 10 - it's got spins, height, distance, and it even acted as a springboard for myself and my crewmate. A good all-rounder if you ask me.

Next up is a sighting from "GamerJackT". They aren't actually on board their ship when it happens, but they have an excellent view of it disappearing into the fog halfway across the map. I'm a big fan of how it waited for them to leave the tavern, clearly so it could show off its marvelous feat. 8/10.

Ever see the Flying Dutchman in the sea of thieves from r/Seaofthieves

This one seems as though the brigantine is trying to trade places with the pirate up on the rocks. It just wanted to be up high like them! No flips though, but an excellent diving technique from the crewmate that plops into the water. I also enjoyed the very ending where the ship seems to straight up disappear beneath the waves rather than landing. 6/10.

Someone explain this
by u/MajorFerris in Seaofthieves

The crew of this ship know they messed up. They probably think they'll hit the rocks, repair what holes they get and move on. But this ship has other plans. It doesn't even flip so much as it simply ascends to the heavens. It's time on Earth is done, it must return (and murder its captain with fall damage in the process). 9/10.

So this happened today.
by in Seaofthieves

Ok, so maybe I peaked too early claiming my own clip as the best. This next one is truly a work of art. Not only does this bad boy spin furiously in the air, it launches the player so high up he can basically see the entire Sea Of Thieves laid out before him. Double bonus for multiple perspectives of the flippening, and the visible confusion from both pirates involved. I award these folks with the absolute nonsense score of 11/10.

Fastest way to get to Morrows Peak
by u/UserNotFound32 in Seaofthieves

Sure bugs can be a bit rubbish sometimes, but this one has brought me so much joy. I always have a good laugh when I see a new video like this pop up, and I hope it gave you a quick chuckle, too.

However, if you're more interested in finding out about the things that are actually meant to be in Sea Of Thieves, the Ships Of Fortune update arrived last week, and you can read all about it over here.

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