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Sea Of Thieves new Seasons set sail this Thursday

With free unlocks and a battle pass

After years of searching for Content Island, Sea of Thieves has finally hit land. This Thursday seas* the launch of the game’s “Seasons”, which last three months and have 100 levels for pirates to scale, new events, and more voyages. The free progression system rewards players with cosmetics and gold, and there’s a Plunder Pass for those who want to spend their booty on exclusive doo-dads.

The new progression system is the most significant overhaul the game has ever had. Ten tiers of ten levels, rewarding persistent pirates with in-game cosmetics as they play. The system is built to reward you no matter how you play. Everyday activities like fishing and fighting will boost you up the tiers, or you can focus on progression and complete the game’s Trials. These are designed to “test your adventuring, exploring and battling capabilities,” and will come with significant XP boosts.

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And there is the inevitable battle pass that sails alongside all this free booty. The Plunder Pass gives those who pay $10 (or the in-game equivalent of 999 Ancient Coins) will gain access to an additional 11 items to unlock.

It’s probably not going to drag me back into the game (I can’t stop playing Minecraft), but I think it reads like a decent way to keep current players entertained as they scull the oceans and dig for treasure. It’ll be out on Thursday the 28th.

*Yes. I did that.

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