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Sea Of Thieves players are immortalising their real-life pets with its new cats

All paws on deck!

I know I won't shut up about it, but Sea Of Thieves got cats for pets yesterday. And as if they weren't brilliant enough, pirates are now welcoming these furry friends aboard their ships to remind them of their real-life kitties. For some players, the four-legged crewmates are a sort of memorial, too, naming their in-game cats after pets that have passed on, so they can sail with them on the seas forever. The image above is of one these newly immortalised cats. It belongs to Twitter user "Nanobreak", and reminds them of a beloved pet from their childhood.

They aren't the only one, though. "My kitty that passed away a couple years ago has now been forever memorialized," says Reddit user "DoggoHarold". Now they get to sail off into the sunset together whenever they want.

Have a click on the tweet below to see the full-size images of "QuaidViktor's" Captain Sansa. I'm a big fan of how the fur colour of the real-life cat looks like it's already wearing an eyepatch.

But it's not just passed on pets that are finding a new home at sea. "Thanks for putting my cat (Ela!) in the game, Rare!" said Sea Of Thieves fan, "Angeling_", in the caption for probably my favourite cat comparison pic yet.

This next one is a video game cat named after a real cat that's named after a video game character. Not the sort of ship Cortana is usually on, but I dig it.

And last but not least, here's "Lilpwnd's" seafaring feline, Tali. They might not have an image of the real-life cat to go alongside it, but they raise a very good point - when are we getting dogs, Rare?

Have you bought yourself a feline friend in Sea Of Thieves yet? Does it remind you of your real-life pets? I had planned on going for a cat that looked like mine, but then I saw a jet-black one that looks like Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service, and I just couldn't help myself.

If you do fancy yourself a pet to join you on your adventures, cats (and parrots and monkeys) are available in the game's premium store, the Pirate Emporium, and will set you back about £5.

Sea Of Thieves' Ships Of Fortune update has loads of other good stuff going on, too - there's a brand new faction, a big shake-up for Arena Mode, and Rare have even given us the ability to revive crewmates when they go down.

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