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Sea Of Thieves players hosted a fashion show

Catwalk the plank

A French Sea Of Thieves outfit called L'Arche Du Grog eschewed the call of booty to host the first major fashion event of the season earlier this week.

Players joined together to showcase their outfits, but in terms of style and personality rather than price tag. They "had to walk and emote creatively according to the themes", as you can see in the below video.

The sauntering, oh god the sauntering. It's perfect. Some characters built looks inspired by characters like Malfoy, Rambo, or herself out of Brave, while others contented themselves with dancing, capering, and some drinking too much and then chucking up. Friendly or not, this was a competition, as "Points were given in fruits, pineapple being the highest score possible". Pineapples are indeed the best fruit. Good show everyone.

L'Arche Du Grog are a group of French players who simply love finding new ways to have fun in Sea Of Thieves, whether there's fighting involved or not, according to their website. They welcome "all types of players", although if your French isn't at least 300 times better than mine you might be pushing your luck.

They have run other special events. A few weeks ago they organised a "Super Grog Party" in which players competed in island-based minigame events like shooting an airborne barrel of gunpowder. In October the identified the strongest woman in the seas, and recorded her pulling three entire galleons by rowboat.

I've been cutting about the oceans myself these last few weeks during lunchbreaks and after work, and I always hope to stumble across capers and parties exactly like this, rather than the usual mindless deathmatch of online games. It's always good to see everyone having such a laugh, but showcasing a game that puts a bit of effort and colour into its fashions too? Several chefs kissing. My own character has yet to find her look beyond a set of bright purple underwear. She has this large, puffy face that kind of throws a lot of the more tropical clothes out of shape. But I have been inspired by these enterprising models.

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