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See the Dead Space remake here on today's stream

A work-in-progress peak at the remade horror

EA will today give a wee work-in-progress peek at their remake of Dead Space, 2008's sci-fi horror shooter about removing legs from monsters like a cruel child playing with a spider, except here sometimes the monster is a cruel child who's also a spider. Dead Space is a good'un but, like so many other games getting remakes and remasters these days, still basically fine. I'll be curious to see what's dramatic enough to warrant a full-on remake. This Twitch stream will be at 6pm today (10am Pacific), and you can watch it here below.

The Dead Space remake stream will show off a WIP version and pack chat from some of the game's leads. Also on hand will be some folks from "the Dead Space Community Council, a group made up of some of the franchise's biggest fans who have been consulting on this project." Presumably they'll be saying it's cool, else they wouldn't be invited.

EA do stress that what we'll see on stream is "an early prototype of the game and not final in any capacity; it is meant to illustrate Motive's vision of Dead Space in motion for the community."

Made by the studio behind Star Wars: Squadrons, the Dead Space remake is coming in Dice's shiny modern Frostbite engine. EA have said they've tweaked it with newness including "an improved story, characters, gameplay mechanics and more", though they haven't fully explained what that means. No microtransactions, at least. I guess we'll come to understand the newness today.

Honestly, ye olde Dead Space is still basically fine? A few inelegances, some technical hitches, and one lousy section (hello, asteroids!), but it fits the genre and the game it is? I'm up for modern prettiness but not so much that I'd buy it again. Ah, I'm not the target audience am I.

For more Deadtalk, see our look at how the series leaned harder into action across the three games, which spoke with some of the devs. Oh, I hope the remake isn't more shooter-y?

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