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Shadowrun: Hong Kong Boots Up On August 20th

Hack the planet

Shadowrun: Hong Kong [official site] has finally got itself a fancy release date, so y'all can pencil this in: August 20th, which gives you a good month to crack those knuckles on the franchise's original Gera-Approved Pen & Paper Daddy for full preparation.

As Hairbrained Schemes' Jordan Weisman told us earlier this year, Hong Kong harkens back to the mechanics of the old school RPG: "One of the things we’re excited about is we believe we’ve been able to be much truer to the spirit and in most cases the actual mechanics of the tabletop game, but still offer the accessibility of a videogame, of a CRPG instead of a tabletop RPG," he said, appealing to all my interests. "You’re always walking that fine line, but I think that our goal was to be able to build on the bones of the paper RPG and open it up to a much wider audience, but hopefully Shadowrun returns has managed to do."

The studio will be sending out an update in a couple of weeks over how to get keys, for those of you who backed the very successful Kickstarter. Plans are to release the game via Steam, GOG, and Humble at the oddly precise time of 10am PST.

In the meantime you can have a peak at the game through the power of screenshots.

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