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Sightless Sea Of Thieves streamer plays by following sounds from his crewmates

How can someone without sight steer a ship in Sea Of Thieves? Quite well, as it turns out.

How can someone steer a ship in Sea Of Thieves when they're unable to see? Quite well, as it turns out. "Sightless Kombat" is an accessibility consultant and streamer who, as you might guess by the name, is without sight. Last night, he joined the Rare crew on their weekly stream to shoot some skeletons, chat about accessibility and show how he plays the game using cues from his crewmates - including following the sounds of their hurdy gurdy tunes to find his way around.

Right at the beginning of the stream (which you can catch from Sightless Kombat's perspective below), he uses the musical technique to make his way from the tavern to the helm of a galleon. And yep, he then proceeds to steer the ship to their destination with precise directions from his crewmate, too.

If walking around and steering an entire ship sounds too easy for you, at around the 34-minute mark the pirates get into some combat with some skeletons. Sightless Kombat is guided to the canons, and makes some excellent shots on the skellys using audio cues from crewmates and the boney lads themselves.

Shortly after that, at around 39 mins, you can see a good example of how he uses the game's compass to find his way around. Using the compass allows you to count steps, so with his crewmate telling him how many he needs to go, he can accurately navigate to where he needs to be.

For some more interesting bits of the stream, skip to 54 mins for some chat about Sea Of Thieves' accessibility for players like SK, at around 1:32:00 he shows his fishing technique (he uses controller vibrations to know when to reel 'em in), and at 1:53:00 they get into a fight with a skelly ship, and manage to take it down, too.

Sea Of Thieves isn't the only game Sightless Kombat plays. Over on his Twitch channel he's played Hellblade, Forza, Killer Instinct, Horizon Zero Dawn and more. It's definitely worth checking out some of his clips if you get a chance.

Elsewhere in the world of Sea Of Thieves, the devs mentioned on stream that the game is getting its monthly update next week. Rare haven't said what's in it, but seeing as it is October, it's probably safe to assume it's something spooky.

Disclosure: My partner works in community management for Sea Of Thieves, and even moderates some of these weekly streams.

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