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Sons Of The Forest release time

When can you start playing Sons Of The Forest?

What time does Sons Of The Forest release? Fans of crafting, building, and survival games should be keeping a watchful eye on the ever-nearing release of Sons Of The Forest - the sequel to 2014's The Forest, and one of the big PC releases of 2023.

Sons Of The Forest aims to expand on its predecessor's survival formula in almost every way, with a revamped building system, a much larger map, a new story, new enemies, and some very impressive AI built into both friend and foe alike. It's the most wishlisted game on Steam at time of writing, and it's easy to see why people are excited.

If you're in the "excited" camp, then welcome! Glad you could join us. Let's huddle in the cold and count down the hours together with the help of this quick guide on when exactly Sons Of The Forest will come out in Early Access. Below we'll reveal the Sons Of The Forest release time, pricing, and download size so you can be entirely ready to jump back into the titular Forest for a brand new survival experience.

Looking for ways to survive your first few days in Sons of the Forest? Watch the video above for 15 essential tips.Watch on YouTube

Sons Of The Forest release time: When does it come out?

Sons Of The Forest will release into Early Access on PC this Thursday on February 23rd at exactly 5pm GMT. Here's what that means for players around the world in different timezones:

  • US West: 9am PST
  • US East: 12pm EST
  • UK: 5pm GMT
  • Europe: 6pm CET

While no word of the exact release time has been revealed by the devs themselves, we know the release time thanks to the planned release date countdown on the Sons Of The Forest Steam page.

As for the full 1.0 release date, we don't yet know when Sons Of The Forest will officially release. According to the Steam page, Endnight are hoping that the Early Access period will last "around 6-8 months", which would put the full release date somewhere around August to October later this year. But this is merely an estimate from the devs, and may well change as time goes on.

Sons Of The Forest price

Sons Of The Forest will cost £25/$30/€30 once it is released in Early Access. To compare this pricing to the original game, The Forest is currently available for £15.49/$20/€16.79. The original game does have a history of considerable discounts (60% to 75%) on Steam, so it may be that Sons Of The Forest eventually follows suit.

A six-limbed mutant washes herself underneath a waterfall in Sons Of The Forest.

Sons Of The Forest download size

According to the system requirements listed on Steam, the Sons Of The Forest download size will be around 20GB - rather more than the 5GB of required space that the original The Forest required. The devs have also encouraged players to install Sons Of The Forest to an SSD if possible, to ensure faster load times.

So make sure you have at least 20 GB free on whichever drive you plan to install Sons Of The Forest on when Thursday comes around.

That's all we know about the Sons Of The Forest release time, but hopefully this has answered your questions regarding exactly when you can return to the Peninsula for some good old fashioned cannibal-killing. You can read a bit more about the enemies and allies you'll have with our news piece on Sons Of The Forest's newest trailer.

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