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How to get Rope in Sons Of The Forest

Here's where to find all the Rope for your crafting needs in Sons Of The Forest

How do you get Rope in Sons Of The Forest? Your first few days in Sons Of The Forest should ideally be spent gathering as many useful materials, tools, and resources as humanly possible to make the following days and weeks a whole lot easier. One vital component you'll need for a lot of different crafting recipes is Rope.

Using Rope you can craft a great many things. You can build towers, platforms, shelters, traps, and much more with access to this handy manmade resource. And in this guide, we'll explain exactly where you can go to get Rope in large quantities for all your crafting needs.

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How to get Rope in Sons Of The Forest

Rope in Sons Of The Forest can only be found in specific places, because it is not a naturally occurring resource. The first place to look should be the suitcases and crates dotted about your spawn point, as these will sometimes contain Rope that you can use for very early crafting.

After that, to get Rope you should check the following locations:

  • Enemy camps
  • Caves
  • Cliffs
  • Beaches

Enemy camps will often contain suitcases and crates, just like the crash site at spawn does. Obviously this is more dangerous though, because there will be cannibal mutants defending the area who you'll likely have to kill to get the Rope.

Caves are generally marked on your GPS map with a white cave icon, but you can also find them at story markers (the green circles) sometimes. You can often find Rope near the entrance, and it's also possible to find Rope in the loot areas sometimes found at the ends of cave systems.

Cliffs sometimes house valuable items such as Rope, so it's a good idea to scout along cliff edges both at the top and the bottom to see if any hidden treasure is nearby.

Beaches, like Cliffs and Cave entrances, sometimes just have Rope nearby. Try searching around shipwrecks and debris, or around hanged corpses or bodies stuck on pikes.

The two different Rope icons in Sons Of The Forest. Left: Ordinary Rope. Right: Zipline Rope.

What are the two types of Rope in Sons Of The Forest?

There are two types of Rope in the game: ordinary Rope, and Zipline Rope. The latter is, as you might imagine, used for crafting Ziplines for the Rope Gun, while ordinary Rope is used in various other, more basic crafting processes.

You'll need both types of Rope if you want to progress in Sons Of The Forest - but luckily they are both found in the areas mentioned above. If you hover over each type, you'll get an icon which denotes which type of Rope it is:

  • Regular rope has a coil icon.
  • Zipline rope has a figure-eight icon.

Alright, now you know everything there is to know about Rope in Sons Of The Forest. Feels good, right? That's the power of specialist knowledge - and we've got plenty more to offer! Why not check out our guides on how to make a Tent and how to make a Fire in Sons Of The Forest? Or you can get some more important tools with our walkthrough on how to get the Shovel, how to get the Rebreather, and where to find the 3D Printer in Sons Of The Forest.

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