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Spelunky 2 items guide - best items to buy from shopkeeper

Spelunky 2 has a load of items, new and old.

Spelunky 2 will test your skill and patience, equipping you with nothing more than a whip, a few ropes, and a couple bombs. You’ll have the opportunity to pick up much more though, and some items are more useful than others.

Here’s all the items in Spelunky 2 and where to find them.

All Spelunky 2 items and locations

Most items can be purchased from the various shops throughout the world, but you can also find them in wooden boxes, hidden in walls, and earn them through sacrificing unconscious or dead enemies/allies on altars.

Here’s our in-progress list of all the items in Spelunky 2:

  • Rope pile - a stack of 3 ropes
  • Bomb bag - a stack of 3 bombs
  • Bomb box - a stack of 12 bombs
  • Paste - makes your bombs stick to surfaces
  • Spectacles - shows you gems within walls
  • Climbing Gloves - allows you to grab onto and climb walls
  • Pitcher’s Mitt - makes your throwing more powerful, letting everything travel in a straight line unaffected by gravity
  • Spring Shoes - increases your maximum jump height by one tile
  • Spike Shoes - kills all normal enemies when you jump on them once
  • Compass - shows you the direction of the exit
  • Parachute - automatically saves you from fall damage one time
  • Udjat Eye - same as spectacles, with probable bonus uses
  • Skeleton Key - opens all locks and doesn’t break after use
  • Cape - a multi-use parachute, the cape breaks your fall and allows you to control your descent with the jump button
  • Jetpack - it’s pretty simple, you fly in the direction of your choosing by pressing the jump button in midair
  • Telepack - lets you teleport without you having to carry it in your hands
  • Hoverpack - allows you to hover indefinitely
  • Powerpack - beefs up your weapons, including making your bombs enormous and your whip flaming
  • Webgun - fires spider webs which stall enemies significantly
  • Shotgun - shopkeepers are brutal with this, and you can be too. One-shots most enemies
  • Crossbow - fires powerful arrows accurately in a straight line
  • Camera - stuns enemies
  • Teleporter - allows you to teleport a random distance in any direction. Be careful you don’t end up dying by teleporting into the walls!
  • Mattock - lets you dig through tiles without using bombs, and is also a solid weapon
  • Boomerang - hits baddies and comes back to you when thrown
  • Machete - can kill most enemies in one hit
  • Metal Shield - protects you from incoming damage, stronger than a normal shield
  • Idol - can be sold in shops or the level exit for $5000. Look out for the trap triggered by stealing it!
  • Curse Pot - contains a $5000 gem, but instantly summons the Ghost which kills you on impact
  • Cooked Turkey - heals you by 1
  • Four-Leaf Clover - obtained by killing a leprechaun, the exact effects of this item aren't fully known

We’ll keep you updated with all the items once we unlock them! In the meantime, why not get yourself some beginner’s tips on Spelunky 2?

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