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This Is The Most Incredible Spelunky Speedrun Yet

No gold, no kills, and a visit to hell.

I'm used to Spelunky [official site] speedruns being filled with incredible feats, but the "No Gold True Pacifist Hell Run" below is a thing of wonder. To clarify: entering into the game's Hell world requires obtaining the Ankh from the Black Market, killing Anubis for his staff, killing Olmec, and completing the game requires killing Yama in hell. How do you kill things without violence? Well, you'll see.

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For starters, the run uses the game's own metric for counting kills, so whipping a bat? That's a kill. Leading a bat around the level and into the mouth of a man-eating plant? That's not a kill. That's, I guess, the circle of life, and so much of the 36 minute-long video below is spent kiting enemies into one another when they can't be avoided altogether. You can see this best at around 2 minutes 50 seconds when the player enters the Black Market, and must obtain the Ankh without buying it (because no gold) and without killing the shopkeepers who'll aggro if you steal it.

As if this wasn't hard enough, you've then got the essential enemies and bosses. You can see him tackle Anubis at around 17:30, Olmec from 21:03 (dropping him in the lava counts as your kill), and Yama from 31:40. There's lots of terrifying stuff throughout hell though - obv - so it's all worth a watch. My favourite part is maybe the very end, 36:20, when you discover what's necessary to confirm that your kill count is still at zero.

I've played Spelunky for hundreds of hours but I couldn't do a single part of this. Even managing to avoid picking up gold requires concentration that I simply do not possess. Bravo to player krille71.

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