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How to get the Boost Pack in Starfield

Get your hands on a Boost Pack as soon as possible in Starfield

The player character in Starfield looks away from the camera and shows their backpack in the inventory menu.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

Want to get the Boost Pack as early as possible in Starfield? There's an expansive universe to explore in Starfield, and combing over dozens of planets can be slow going if you don't have the right equipment to help.

The very first item you'll want to unlock is the Boost Pack, a little jetpack that lets you rocket around environments. As you might expect, this helps drastically with exploration by letting you move across wide open spaces faster, and reach areas that might otherwise be a bit too high. It can also be super handy during combat, giving you a high-ground advantage on enemies. Below we'll explain how to unlock the Boost Pack quickly in Starfield.

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How to get the Boost Pack in Starfield

To get the Boost Pack in Starfield, you'll need to have the Boost Pack Training skill unlocked, as well as any backpack that has boosters. Some Starfield backgrounds will unlock the Boost Pack Training skill automatically, so if you chose the Bounty Hunter or Soldier backgrounds then you're in luck. But for everyone else, you'll only need to reach Level 2 to get the single skill point you need to unlock Boost Pack Training.

The quickest way to get the right backpack to start jetpacking around everywhere is to follow the main story for the first two hours. After the opening events on Vectera, your Starfield companion Barrett will appear and tell you about Constellation, then give you his ship with which to visit The Lodge on New Atlantis.

Barrett stands upright in his space suit and looks at the player character in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Just keep following the story and objectives and you'll travel to New Atlantis. At The Lodge, speak to Sarah Morgan and she'll ask you to join Constellation. Doing so will award you the Constellation Backpack.

Once you unlock the Constellation Backpack, open the main menu, then go to inventory, select Packs, and equip the Constellation Pack. Feel free to swap out for a better pack later, just make sure it has boosters on it if you want to keep using the Boost ability to jetpack around the Settled Systems.

Doing all of this should have gained you at least one skill point, so again open the menu and this time go to skills. Navigate over to the "Tech" tab on the right and select "Boost Back Training". Now you'll be able to use your Boost Pack at any time.

The Tech skill tree menu in Starfield, with the Boost Pack Training skill highlighted.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

How to upgrade your Boost Pack in Starfield

You can upgrade your Boost Pack in Starfield either by putting points into the Boost Pack Training and Boost Assault Training skills in the Tech Starfield skill tree, or by using a Spacesuit Workbench to switch out your current Boost Pack for a better one.

You can get numerous types of Boost Packs in Starfield. You start off with the Basic Boost Pack, but can unlock and switch to the Power Boost Pack, Balanced Boost Pack, Ship Capacity Boost Pack, and more. If you've got your hands on another Boost Pack and want to switch your current one out, interact with the Spacesuit Workbench, select your currently equipped Boost Pack, and then select your desired replacement.

How to use your Boost Pack in Starfield

With your Boost Pack equipped and the skill unlocked, you can jump a second time while in the air to use a boost. There's a quick recharge of about five seconds before you can boost again, so keep that in mind.

On the Boost Back Training skill, you'll see you can unlock upgrades by meeting requirements. The first requirement is to boost during combat ten times, and meeting that objective will let you use another skill point to upgrade the skill. There are four ranks, and gaining all of them will significantly boost the amount of time you can use your Boost Pack and how fast it regenerates, so it's absolutely worth doing.

There's also another skill which affects your effectiveness with Boost Packs: the Boost Assault Training skill. This skill is found in Tier 4 of the Tech tree, so it may take a while before you unlock it. But the rewards allow you to set enemies on fire when you boost, as well as slow down time while boosting and more.

That's everything you need to know about getting the Boost Pack in Starfield and using it to improve your mobility and even your combat effectiveness. While you're here, why not prime yourself on other aspects of Bethesda's mighty space RPG with our guides on the best Starfield traits to pick, and the various Starfield romance options available to you. We've also got a console commands and cheats list, as well guides for the best mods and best PC settings for performance.

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