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Starfield characters and crew companions: every NPC character we've seen so far

Here's every Starfield companion we know about

Sarah Morgan and Sam Coe stand around a table on the player's ship in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Want to meet all the Starfield characters and companions? Starfield, by all accounts, is absolutely monumentally massive - even for an open-world RPG. There are a thousand planets out there to discover, and likely hundreds of unique NPCs to come across during your travels.

If you want to prep yourself a bit for the onslaught of new faces that will arrive when Starfield releases on 6th September, you've come to the right place. Below we'll list every single Starfield character we know of, along with everything we know about them. We'll answer questions about whether they can become companions and crew members, whether they can be romanced, what their skillsets are, where they can be found, and more.

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Starfield characters list

With a galaxy of a thousand planets to explore, there will likely be a colossal number of NPC characters to meet and interact with in Starfield. Currently, we only know about a handful of key characters and companions, several of whom can join your crew as you fly from system to system.

Here is the full list of all the Starfield companions and other NPC characters we know about:

  • Barrett
  • Sam Coe
  • Sarah Morgan
  • Marika Boros
  • Heller
  • Adoring Fan
  • Matteo
  • Noel
  • Vlad
  • Walter
  • Brogan
  • John Tuala
  • Kibwe Ikande
  • Markieff Sunderland
  • Pascual Logan
  • Grandma
  • Mom and Dad

The top eight characters in the list are companions, which means they can accompany you throughout your journey. The majority of them are from Constellation, the science-minded spacefaring organization that you ally yourself with early on in the story. And of those few, four of them have been confirmed to be Starfield romance options as well. Other Constellation characters, such as Noel and Walter, may also end up being companions and crew members as well, but this is unconfirmed as yet.

Certain characters, such as the Adoring Fan, and Mom and Dad, will only be part of your story in Starfield if you pick a specific trait. We'll go over these and other details below, as we break down what we know about each of the Starfield characters we've seen so far.


Barrett stands upright in his space suit and looks at the player character in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Location: ??? | Faction: Constellation

Barrett is the first member of Constellation that you'll encounter in Starfield. It is likely through this meeting that you'll later find yourself in the Constellation Headquarters in New Atlantis. He's a scientist and an explorer with a friendly manner, and will at first sight be wearing a full spacesuit.

Barrett is a companion and crew member in Starfield. His skills involve (from highest to lowest) Starship Engineering, Particle Beam Weapon Systems, Robotics, and Gastronomy.

Sam Coe

Sam Coe stands with an assault rifle outside a settlement in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Location: Akila City, Akila | Faction: Constellation

Sam Coe is a so-called "former space cowboy" and member of Constellation. He's a romanceable companion who you'll find in Akila City. His previous life as a cowboy from the Freestar Collective, has left him with some impressive flying and shooting talents.

As one of Starfield's companion characters, Sam Coe has a particular skillset that you can use to your advantage. His skills involve (from highest to lowest) Piloting, Rifle Certification, Payloads, and Geology.

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan from Starfield stands in a room next to a fireplace
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Location: Constellation HQ, Jemison | Faction: Constellation

Sarah Morgan is Constellation's leader, and will remain a familiar face throughout much of your Starfield journey. She's an ex-soldier, and a reliable leader in various situations. She and the player character become allies as they set off to discover more Artifacts like the one which the player comes across very early on in the game, just before their first meeting with Barrett.

Sarah Morgan is one of the four romanceable companions in Starfield. Her skills include (from highest to lowest) Astrodynamics, Lasers, Leadership, and Botany.


VASCO, a robot companion in Starfield, looks towards the camera while standing in the room of a spaceship.
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Location: ??? | Faction: Constellation

VASCO is a personable expeditionary robot built by Lunar Robotics who will accompany the player character throughout their journey in Starfield. He is "a utilitarian heavy industrial machine" and a member of Constellation, built for exploration but with access to weaponry for defensive purposes.

As a companion and crew member, VASCO will no doubt have a particular set of skills they are proficient at, like the other companions. Unfortunately we don't yet know what VASCO's skills are, but we'll update this page when we find out!

Marika Boros

Marika Boros speaks to the player character in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Location: The Viewport | Faction: ???

Marika Boros is a shotgun-toting fighter who can be hired as additional crew from The Viewport. It doesn't seem like she has the same depth or personality as the main companions from Constellation, but she is still a crew member who can be brought alongside the player into various situations, combat or otherwise. Her skills include Ballistics, Shotgun Certification, and Particle Beam Weapon Systems.


Heller sprawls against the side of a crate on a moon in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Location: ??? | Faction: ???

Heller, like Marika, is a character who can be found and hired as additional crew. We don't yet know where you find Heller, but we've seen from the gameplay deep dive during Starfield Direct that you come across Heller while he's seemingly injured on a small barren moon. His skills include Outpost Engineering and Geology.

Adoring Fan

A white man with an unnerving star and extremely yellow pointy hair - the Adoring Fan in Starfield
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Location: New Atlantis, Jemison | Faction: You

The Adoring Fan, known by no other name so far, is a character who will only be part of your Starfield story if you pick the Hero Worshipped trait during character creation at the beginning of the game. This spiky-haire, overly enthusiastic man is utterly infatuated with the player character, and will (attempt to) follow you wherever you go, lavishing you with praise and sometimes gifts of various kinds.


Matteo speaks to someone off-camera in Constellation HQ in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Location: Constellation HQ, Jemison | Faction: Constellation

Matteo is a member of Constellation and a theologian of sorts. First found in Constellation HQ, it's as yet unknown whether he remains here or can join you as a full-fledged companion and crew member. His interest in the Artifacts you're tasked with finding is primarily related to the possibility of alien life.


Noel holds a device and gestures while speaking towards the camera in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Location: Constellation HQ, Jemison | Faction: Constellation

Noel is the protege of Sarah Morgan, leader of Constellation. A scientist at heart, Noel is fascinated by the Artifacts (much like everyone else). She may or may not be a full-fledged companion and crew member in Starfield.


Vlad stands behind a bar and gives the bar table a clean in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Location: ??? | Faction: Constellation

Intimidating ex-pirate Vlad is another member of Constellation, potentially one with a connection to the Crimson Fleet who comes into conflict with the player character during one of Starfield's opening missions. It's as-yet unknown where Vlad can be found and whether he is a potential companion or not.


Walter sits in a chair and looks up to the side in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Location: Constellation HQ, Jemison | Faction: Constellation

Walter is a prolific businessman and member of Constellation. In fact, he's where Constellation gets a lot of its funding from. Unlike many of the other key characters in the organization, Walter doesn't seem as preoccupied with exploration and discovery as he is with money. It's unknown whether Walter can become a true Starfield companion and crew member - although I have to say, he doesn't seem like the kind of person who you could trust to have your back in battle.


Location: Kreet Research Lab, Kreet | Faction: Crimson Fleet

Brogan is a pirate captain and a member of the Crimson Fleet, whose crew takes over a research lab somewhere on the moon Kreet. He is an enemy who is seen in the Starfield gameplay trailer to be Level 6. A rather early and easy to defeat enemy, me-thinks.

John Tuala

Location: Mast, Jemison | Faction: United Colonies

John Tuala is a Lieutenant of the United Colonies, a powerful militarist and political faction at play in Starfield. He serves under Fleet Admiral Pascual Logan (who you'll learn about below).

Kibwe Ikande

Location: UC Vigilance | Faction: United Colonies

Kibwe Ikande is a commander of the United Colonies who is found by the player aboard a Uship called the UC Vigilance. Little else is known about him, and given his allegiance to the United Colonies it's unclear whether he will be a friend or a foe. Most likely, it depends on which faction the player chooses to align with.

Markieff Sunderland

Location: ??? | Faction: ???

Markieff Sunderland is a man who can be found in a fancy restaurant somewhere in Starfield on a planet with an evident beast problem. He gives you a side-quest to track down the beast that stole his beans, after the last hunter he sent on the same quest met a grisly end.

Pascual Logan

Location: ??? | Faction: United Colonies

Pascual Logan is the Fleet Admiral and leader of the United Colonies, one of the primary factions in Starfield. Little is known about him except that he has a zero-tolerance policy towards piracy and is a feared enemy of the Crimson Fleet.


Location: ??? | Faction: ???

Noticed briefly in the Starfield Direct showcase, "Grandma" appears to be a Level 10 ship pilot who you can come across somewhere out in the galaxy of Starfield. When you approach, she hails you with the message: "Hello stranger. I just finished cooking up some food. If you wanna come on over, just pop on by." Wholesome, or sinister? We'll find out.

And in case you're wondering, no, Skyrim Grandma is not in Starfield. This "Grandma" NPC may be a nod to her, but that's as far as the connection goes.

Mom and Dad

Location: New Atlantis, Jemison | Faction: ???

If you select the Kids Stuff trait during character creation at the beginning of Starfield, you'll have the opportunity to visit your parents, known so far only as Mom and Dad. They can be found back at the family home on New Atlantis if you pick this trait, and while we don't know what the interactions with them will be like, we assume they'll be fairly positive, to offset the downside of picking the Kids Stuff trait (2% of your earned money is sent to them instead of you).

That's all the characters, large and small, that we've heard about so far in Starfield. But it's a great big galaxy out there, and there will be a lot of new faces to discover beyond this list. If you want to prepare, check out our guide on the Starfield PC requirements, or find out how to get into the Starfield early access.

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