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No, Skyrim Grandma isn’t in Starfield

And she’d much prefer Elder Scrolls 6 anyway, thanks very much.

The space flight encounter with Grandma during the Starfield Direct gameplay section
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Shirley Curry - better known to the internet as ‘Skyrim Grandma’ thanks to a viral Let’s Play in 2015 - has shot down rumours that she made a cameo in the recent Starfield Direct, adding that she won’t even touch Bethesda’s much-hyped space RPG while she waits for Elder Scrolls 6.

Talk of Curry’s cameo in Starfield was sparked by a moment during the recent extended gameplay showing when the player character encounters another ship with the callsign Grandma during a space flight.

“Hello, stranger,” the NPC says over the radio. “I just finished cooking up some food. If you wanna come on over, just pop on by.”

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With Bethesda announcing back in 2021 that Curry would make an appearance as an NPC in The Elder Scrolls 6, it wasn’t too much of a stretch that she might’ve also snuck her way into becoming a Starfield Grandma, too. (Not to mention another internet-favourite Elder Scrolls character already popping up.)

However, Curry herself took to the comments section of a recent vlog on her YouTube channel - which now has over 1.2 million subscribers - to repeatedly deny that the character is a direct cameo.

“That may have just been a little 'nod' to me. I AM NOT in the game,” she wrote in response to one of several commenters who asked about the moment, telling another bluntly: “NO you did not see me”

"I did not voice it but they may have picked out words from all the dialogue I did for my character which is in this game of Skyrim, which is on Nexus," she further confirmed in the comments section of a separate video.

A solitary astronaut stares out at a snow covered mountain range as the sun sets behind it
Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios

She confirmed to another viewer that she had watched the showcase, but expressed being overwhelmed by the response since: “Yes I have watched Starfield Direct, besides everyone telling me about it, I've sort of been bombarded by it. NO I am not there.. that little bit may have just been a "nod" to me.”

In fact, as well as not being in Starfield, Curry expressed that she has no plans to even play Bethesda’s latest.

“No.. I don't play 'space' games,” she explained in one comment, adding that she is “too angry” about the wait for Elder Scrolls 6 to fill the time with its sci-fi sibling.

“I’ve been seeing all about it,” she said about Starfield. “I’m too angry because they came out with that instead of ES6. I’ve been waiting too long.”

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While Starfield earned the bulk of her disdain, it seems that Skyrim Grandma might also be reaching her limit with the game that brought her to fame, too - but isn’t sure what to do without its sequel to dive into.

"I played so many different stories that I've made up in Skyrim over the years that I was finally starting to get a little bit bored with it," she said. “Didn't have a new one to play, so I just felt like, well, crap. I put the thing away and quit playing it. And now I'm bored. I was bored playing it, and now I'm bored not playing it."

Curry previously called out Bethesda top dog Todd Howard for taking too long to finish Elder Scrolls 6, telling a PAX East audience: “I'd ask him to hurry up and finish The Elder Scrolls 6. I want to play it before I die.”

During the same panel, Curry expressed that she would wait for Starfield to be released before deciding whether to play it or not. It seems that her patience on that end has finally run out.

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